[FIXED] Using typestrict get and set on a class, how to set/push a single object into an array?


I’m in the process of learning TypeScript. I have a class that is going to manage a set of blog posts. I need to make an array of posts available (with get) and accept a single post object with I then push to the posts class. but this gives an error

export interface PostInterface {
  id: number;
  title: string;
  content: string;
class Data {
  private _posts: PostInterface[] = [];
  constructor() {
    this._posts = [
        id: 1,
        title:  "first post",
        content:  "first content",
  public get posts(): PostInterface[]{
    return this._posts
  public set posts(singlePost: PostInterface[]) { // <---- THIS IS THE ISSUE

export default new Data();

It sort of works like that but that’s not what I want singlePost is not going to be an array but an object and leaving it like posts(singlePost: PostInterface) throws an error

Back in my API I’m doing this

import Data, {PostInterface} from './data' // the above
const posts: PostInterface[] = request.body
Data.posts = posts
response.json({ data: Data.posts })

But when posting to this api I don’t want to have to wrap my object into an array for no reason.

Is this really how it should work? can’t I get a list of posts (PostInterface[]) and set a single post object (PostInterface)


Why not simply remove the setter and push directly to the posts array?

Data.posts.push(request.body as PostInterface);

Otherwise, you could implement an addPost method. This is a common practice when you want to prevent collection mutation outside the class

public get posts(): ReadonlyArray<PostInterface> {
  return this._posts; // return an immutable version

public addPost(post: PostInterface): Data {
  return this;

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