[FIXED] Unable to pass jinja2 variables into javascript snippet


How do i pass jinja2 data into javascript.
I have a Flask REST url as /logs/<test_case_name>
I am trying use .getJSON() to query the above URL and hence would want to pass the jinja2 data which has the testcasename to .getJSON function.

sample code:

<script type="text/javascript">

It doesn’t work.
Any suggestions please?


other than encapsulating the variable in a string, an alternate is jquery for profit:

its generally a bad idea to mix template language with javascript. An alternative would be to use html as a proxy – store the name in an element like so

<meta id="my-data" data-name="{{name}}" data-other="{{other}}">

then in the javascript do

var djangoData = $('#my-data').data();

this has advantage in:

  • javascript no longer tied to the .html page
  • jquery coerces data implicitly

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