[FIXED] React useState not updating mapped content


I feel like im missing something that is staring me right in the face. I am trying to have content stored in an array of objects update when a checkbox is on or off. The console log is showing the object data is updating correctly so I assume my fault resides in not understanding useState fully?

const [statistics, setStatistics] = useState([
        id: 1,
        content: <div>Content1</div>,
        state: true,
        id: 2,
        content: <div>Content2</div>,
        state: true,

In the component:

{statistics.map((item) => (item.state ? item.content : <></>))}

    onChange={(e) => {
        let newArr = statistics;
            ? (newArr[0].state = true)
            : (newArr[0].state = false);


You are trying to change the state directly, instead you need to work with a copy of the state and make all changes to it.

Just replace in your code this string:

let newArr = statistics; // as link to base array


let newArr = [...statistics]; // as new copy of base array

and it will works.
React skips all state changes if they are made directly.

Answered By – Alexey Masyukov

Answer Checked By – David Goodson (Easybugfix Volunteer)

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