[FIXED] Magento stuck on " It's time to change your password."


I didn’t use Magento CE for about 1 month. After that I logged in to admin after, opened my account/Account information page, the title “It’s time to change your password.” was shown. When I tried to open my products (or settings page), the similar page “It’s time to change your password.” was shown

I changed my password and pressed “Save Account”. And nothing changed, I still see “It’s time to change your password.”, all menu items lead to this page “It’s time to change your password.”

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1) Run this SQL script in your store db:
UPDATE admin_passwords SET expires = <<some future timestamp>> WHERE user_id = <<admin_user_id>>;

  • i have used <<some future timestamp>> = 1999999998
  • <<admin_user_id>> – you can find your user id in the table

Also you can make the same job with help of some UI client: just edit expires column in admin_passwords table to 1999999998 (i suggest to change all lines to affect all users):
db client

2) Clean your browser cache and coockie.

3) Login to Magento. Enjoy it!

Answered By – Maxim Kitsenko

Answer Checked By – Candace Johnson (Easybugfix Volunteer)

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