[FIXED] How to customize ImageDataGenerator in order to modify the target variable values?


I have a dataset of images annotated with coordinates representing facial keypoints. As I would like to augment the dataset, I am looking for a way to implement the ImageDataGenerator to modify the target variables according to image transformation (for example, if the image is flipped horizontally, the x coordinates should be set to image_width – x or if the image is padded, the x coordinates should be set to x – padding.

I would be thankful for any suggestion or resource that might illustrate any similar example.




The easiest and most obvious way is to modify the Keras code (you can find full implementation of ImageDataGenerator in here). However, Keras does provide an elegant API to deal with this, although it is not very well documented.

Writing a generator

We would need to write a new Keras generator, inheriting from Iterator class. The Iterator class itself is just a convenient child class from Sequence, a detailed tutorial of which can be found here.

from keras.preprocessing.image import Iterator, ImageDataGenerator

class MyIterator(Iterator):
  """This is a toy example of a wrapper around ImageDataGenerator"""

  def __init__(self, n, batch_size, shuffle, seed, **kwargs):
    super().__init__(n, batch_size, shuffle, seed)

    # Load any data you need here (CSV, HDF5, raw stuffs). The code
    # below is just a pseudo-code for demonstration purpose.
    input_images = ...
    ground_truth = ...

    # Here is our beloved image augmentator <3
    self.generator = ImageDataGenerator(**kwargs)
  def _get_batches_of_transformed_samples(self, index_array):
    """Gets a batch of transformed samples from array of indices"""

    # Get a batch of image data
    batch_x = input_images[index_array].copy()
    batch_y = ground_truth[index_array].copy()

    # Transform the inputs and correct the outputs accordingly
    for i, (x, y) in enumerate(zip(batch_x, batch_y)):
      transform_params = self.generator.get_random_transform(x.shape)
      batch_x[i] = self.generator.apply_transform(x, transform_params)
      batch_y[i] = process_outputs_accordingly(y, transform_params)

    return batch_x, batch_y

Why we inherit from Keras Iterator?

It is recommended to have your generators inherited from keras.utils.Sequence (also the base class of other classes). It allows the data be loaded in parallel between several threads.

I want the same training API!

You can write a custom generator with methods flow, flow_from_directory, and flow_from_dataframe — core functions of Keras API.

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