[FIXED] How to add disable_web_page_preview telegram bot node.js


Good evening friends, first of all apologies for my English.

I am coding in nodejs and I would like to add the disable_web_page_preview in the code, but I can’t and I don’t know where to add it.

Telegram.prototype.sendIn = async function(color, clientId, protection = false, gale = false){
if(!color || !clientId)
return { status: "error", message: "cor e id do chat são argumentos obrigatorios" }

let message = [];

    message.push(`⚠️ <b>Aviso de Gale ${gale}:</b>\n`);
    message.push(`🤖<b>Sinal Confirmado</b>🤖\n`);
    message.push(`⏩ Entre no: ${this._getColorNameOrEmoticon(color, true)} ${this._getColorNameOrEmoticon(color, false, true)}`);
    if(typeof protection === "number")
        message.push(`Proteção no ${this._getColorNameOrEmoticon(protection, true)} ${this._getColorNameOrEmoticon(protection, false, true)}\n`);
        message.push(`⏩ Com proteção no: ⚪`);
        message.push(`<a href="https://blaze.com/pt/games/double" title="https://blaze.com/pt/games/double" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="text-entity-link" dir="auto">⏩ Aposte aqui</a>`);
    return await this.send(message.join('\n'), clientId, { parse_mode: "HTML"} );



You are looking at the options for sendMessage() method. You can read all the available options in the Telegram Bot API documentation. It can be done by adding disable_web_page_preview: true.

return await this.send(message.join('\n'), clientId, { parse_mode: "HTML", disable_web_page_preview: true } );

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