[FIXED] get repository in command symfony6


I want to use repository to fetch the data from DB.

However in command how can I get the repository?

For example I put the SiteDataRepository in execute,

protected function execute(SiteDataRepository $siteDataRepository,InputInterface $input, OutputInterface $output): int

however there comes error

Fatal error: Declaration of App\Command\OpArticleCommand::execute(App\Repository\SiteDataRepository $siteDataRepository,

Or is there any method to do the SQL sentence in execute()?


You can autowire your repository but not directly in your execute method.

Add a constructor (if there is none already) to inject your repository service.

If your command extends Command it should be something like:

class YourCommand extends Command
    protected static $defaultName = 'command-name';
    protected static $defaultDescription = 'description';
    private SiteDataRepository $siteDataRepository;

    public function __construct(SiteDataRepository $siteDataRepository)
        $this->siteDataRepository = $siteDataRepository;

    protected function configure()

Note that we are using the configure method because we do not call the parent constructor with a name, we could remove the configure method and do it in the constructor instead.

Answered By – Dylan KAS

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