[FIXED] Difference b/w React Typescript , React JavaScript and React Native?


I have confusion about React JavaScript , React Typescript and React Native.

I just have idea that we use React Native for mobile applications and and React (Javascript,Typescript) for web applications.

Can someone exactly draw the difference between them ?
Which parent library/framework those use ?

Like Angular can we make components,services in them(React JavaScript , React Typescript and React Native).

And when we simply say React what does it mean (Native , Typescript or Javascript) ?


React is a library/framework for building UIs. You construct various components that describe what you want the page to look like, and then react handles figuring out what changed and making updates to the page. If someone just says "react" without any other context, this is probably what they mean.

React Native uses the same core functionality as react, but once it has figured out the changes that need to be made, rather than update the dom (ie, the webpage), it updates native components for android or ios. React native thus lets you write native phone apps, using the syntax and tools that are familiar to react developers.

Javascript vs typescript is completely different axis. Javascript is the main programming language used by webpages. Typescript is a superset of javascript, which lets you add type information to your code. This then lets you find bugs in your code quicker, because your IDE and build process can check the types to see if you’ve made mistakes. You can write a webpage (including a react webpage) using whichever you prefer (I prefer typescript).

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