[FIXED] Crop and Select Only the Detected Region from an Image in Python


I have used Tensorflow Object Detection API to detect hands from images. By using the provided sample code (object_detection_tutorial.ipynb) I have been able to draw bounding boxes on images. Is there any way to select only the detected region (which is inside a bounding box) and get it as an image?

For example,

Sample Input Image

enter image description here

Tensorflow Output

enter image description here

What I Want

enter image description here
enter image description here

Object detection API sample code can be found here. https://github.com/tensorflow/models/blob/master/research/object_detection/object_detection_tutorial.ipynb

Any help would be highly appreciated!


Yes, in the tutorial the variable output_dict can be used to achieve that. Notice all the variables passed into function vis_util.visualize_boxes_and_labels_on_image_array, they contain the boxes, scores, etc.

First you need to get the image shape as the box coordinates are in normalized form.

img_height, img_width, img_channel = image_np.shape

Then transform all the box coordinates to the absolute format

absolute_coord = []
THRESHOLD = 0.7 # adjust your threshold here
N = len(output_dict['detection_boxes'])
for i in range(N):
    if output_dict['score'][i] < THRESHOLD:
    box = output_dict['detection_boxes']
    ymin, xmin, ymax, xmax = box
    x_up = int(xmin*img_width)
    y_up = int(ymin*img_height)
    x_down = int(xmax*img_width)
    y_down = int(ymax*img_height)

Then you can use numpy slices to get the image area within the bounding box

bounding_box_img = []
for c in absolute_coord:
    bounding_box_img.append(image_np[c[1]:c[3], c[0]:c[2],:])

Then just save all the numpy arrays in bounding_box_img as images. When saving you might need to change the shape as the img is in shape [img_height, img_width, img_channel]. Also you can even filter out all detections with low confidence scores if you use the score array.

PS: i might have messed up with img_height and img_width but these should give you a starting point.

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